Future South Cove Resident Information

Dear Future South Cove Residents & Prospective Buyers:

As our potential future neighbors, we want to welcome you to Dana Point.

You probably noticed our facility next door to the recently constructed South Cove community. It is important that we provide information on the facility, how it operates and what it does for the community.

Please contact Jim Burror at jburror@socwa.com with questions. Please reference the below information and call or email me at any time. I can be reached at 949-234-5402 or jburror@socwa.com.

Again, welcome to the neighborhood.


Jim Burror

Director of Operations

South Orange County Wastewater Authority

What is the Facility: The JB Latham Wastewater Treatment Plant

JB Latham is a vital, award-winning facility that is essential to protecting our ocean water quality and the natural environment. It treats about 6.7 million gallons of wastewater per day from the local community. The plant has been in operation for nearly 55 years, though it can trace its roots back to the 1940s.

Learn more about the facility.

Questions & Answers

You probably have questions about living next to a treatment plant. Our aim is to answer those questions here. But we are also available by phone or email. Please call or email Jim Burror at 949-234-5402 or jburror@socwa.com.

Was the facility here when South Cove was built? Yes. The facility was built in the 1960s and traces its roots back to the 1940s. SOCWA and the developer reached an agreement that required several steps as part of South Cove’s construction, including:

  • Limit number of windows facing the facility that can open
  • Notify buyers as part of CC&Rs
  • Ensure communications between builder and SOCWA
  • Increase wall height between the two properties

 When does the plant operate? As a wastewater treatment facility, it must operate 24/7/365.

Are there odors at the facility? Yes. Odors do exist.

How are odors controlled? SOCWA has installed numerous devices and technologies over the years to reduce odors. We have covered parts of the facility. Additionally, prior to South Cove, we also installed devices (air scrubbers) that reduce odors to below regulatory requirements.  There are times during maintenance and needed repairs where portions of the covers are removed and odors can escape.

Is there noise at the facility? There is generally light ambient noise from the plant – like a gentle hum. Improvements and construction also can also cause temporary noise during the day.

Are there lights at the facility? Yes, some lights are required to be on throughout the night for safety purposes. These are generally downward facing and emit a lower, soft light.

What are biosolids and how are they handled on-site? Biosolids is the solid byproduct of the wastewater treatment process. The material is pulled from wastewater and treated to a very high standard. The biosolids are then trucked off-site and used for compost or placed in a landfill. There are generally between one to three trucks per day.

Who should I call or email if I have a question? SOCWA’s Director of Operations is Jim Burror. He is the designated staff member to answer your questions. Jim can be reached at jburror@socwa.com or 949-234-5402.

Take a Tour of JB Latham

As your potential neighbor, we invite you to stop by and tour the facility. It really is quite fascinating. You can get an understanding of the operations and its importance to the region. Please contact Jim Burror at jburror@socwa.com or 949-234-5402 to arrange a brief tour.


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