SOCWA Focuses on Safety to Carry Out Mission

Dear South Orange County Community – 

The South Orange County Wastewater Authority’s (SOCWA) mission is to protect public health and the environment. In order to achieve that mission, we need a healthy staff to operate our three treatment plants, other facilities and other administrative operations.

We have always taken this reality seriously. But it has never been more important than during the current public health crisis. 

Here’s what SOCWA is doing to keep our staff safe so they can keep the public and our oceans safe: 

  • Training Programs: SOCWA continues to follow traditional bloodborne pathogen, exposure control, infection prevention and industrial hygiene practices, including the implementation of engineering controls, administrative controls, work practice controls, and PPE usage. Operational safety training (e.g. HAZOPER, CPR, forklift and other trainings) continue, but in modified and/or remote formats to maintain distancing.
  • Safety Supplies: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), masks, sanitizers, wipes, face shields and other supplies are provided to staff and required to protect against the spread of coronavirus.
  • Staffing: Staggered shifts keep plants operating safely, while keeping employees further apart. This includes alternate shifts and break schedules to limit any interaction.
  • Virtual Public Access: Board and committee meetings are open to the public via virtual access; members of the public can attend these meetings online, ask questions, make comments and view staff reports, board/committee discussion and other material. 
  • Closed Offices: While the public can access public meetings online, the offices are closed to limit access and maintain distancing. 
  • Federal and State Rules: SOCWA is committed to following all federal and state rules regarding public health and the coronavirus.

These measures are not simply to protect our employees, but also to maintain steady operations in order to safely and effectively treat South Orange County’s wastewater. I am tremendously proud of the job our staff has done during these challenging times and we all look forward to continuing to serve the region.

For more information, please contact me at (949) 234-5420. 


Betty Burnett 

General Manager


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