SOCWA Increases Ocean Water Monitoring in Response to Threat of Oil Spill

The recently reported oil spill threatening the Orange County coastline is big news and the South OC Wastewater Authority is joining with other local and state agencies to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our ocean water and beaches.

SOCWA discharges only highly-treated wastewater into the ocean. We routinely monitor ocean water quality at 13 sites on a monthly basis and 21 beach water quality monitoring sites in south Orange County on a weekly basis. These sites are monitored frequently to ensure the quality of the water that is discharged. We analyze almost 5,000 water quality samples each year for this purpose.

Now, in addition to our routine test we are testing for oil impacts at our routine sampling locations at the beach that could affect public health and working with the Orange County Healthcare Agency and others to help keep the public informed.

Be sure to check our website or contact us for additional information.

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