The Aliso Watershed Protection & Preservation Project

The Aliso Watershed Protection & Preservation Project replaces decades-old infrastructure with newer, more reliable pipe to protect the natural environment, beaches, ocean and local water quality.

Since the early 1980s, two four-inch metal pipes have carried sludge – the solid byproduct of wastewater treatment – from the Coastal Treatment Plant in Aliso Canyon to a facility about three miles north for safe disposal or recycling. These aging pipes are in urgent need of repair as a break would have significant environmental consequences for Aliso & Wood Canyons, Aliso Creek, Aliso Beach and the Pacific Ocean.

The Aliso Watershed Protection & Preservation Project is a 50-year solution to this challenge. It includes installation of a new, six-inch high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe to ensure the safe transmission and treatment of sludge. The new pipe will also run along a similar path to the existing pipes to minimize disruption to the natural environment. Additionally, the project will provide habitat restoration for added environmental enhancements to the region.

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