The San Juan Creek Ocean Outfall Rehabilitation Project

SOCWA is leading a project to improve the stability of 50-year-old equipment located within Doheny Beach. The project will help ensure the protection of local water quality and beach conditions from the consequences of aging infrastructure.

In accordance with state and federal law, the San Juan Creek Ocean Outfall discharges highly treated water about two miles into the ocean. A junction box that serves the outfall line is in need of repair. This facility is located on Doheny Beach and was built in the 1970s – it is sometimes visible during low tide. The junction box will be updated with modern materials to avoid potential breaks, disruptions to service or beach closures.

A stainless-steel liner will be placed inside the existing junction structure to avoid potential breakages. New concrete will be added to the structure to increase its strength and durability. In addition, the top six feet of the junction structure will be removed, burying the structure under the sand and out of beach goers visibility a majority of the time. This solution is expected to provide many decades of service and life to this important infrastructure.

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