The water that runs down the drain from your sink, shower, washing machine or dishwasher, or toilet is wastewater. Without proper treatment, wastewater would harm our natural environment and ocean.

As part of our responsibility to guard the environment, SOCWA treats nearly 20 million gallons of wastewater each day at three treatment facilities.

This process involves three progressive steps:

  • Preliminary Treatment: Removal of large solids
  • Primary Treatment: Removal of small particles (the size of sand) through biological, organic and natural treatments.
  • Secondary Treatment: One final treatment is applied before the water is sent through a pipeline several miles offshore. About one-third of all South County wastewater is disposed of at this point.
  • Tertiary Treatment: Finally, the majority of the region’s wastewater goes through an intense filtration process for recycled water use. This water is pumped to cities and water districts to irrigate parks, golf courses, medians and other landscaped areas.